Whitman's Sampler Mix

At Tuesday Bassen LA we call Crystal our "Shop Onion"; she's multilayered and crucial to every dish errr task. She's also got great taste in music and picks most of our in-shop tunes. We thought we'd kick off the inaugural TUESBLOG with a Valentine's Day mix by none other than our favorite onion. The bitter sweet "Whitman's Sampler Mix" features shop favs like Modern Lovers, The Queers, The Bats, and more. Perfect to enjoy alone or with your date.


A quick note, from the onion:

I've always had a deep appreciation for the art of mix tapes. Making custom cover art, giving it the perfect quirky-yet-clever name, painstakingly pouring over hours of music to find the right words for your intended: romantic. It's a practice we as thinking, feeling, human-beings have perfected over the course of a couple decades and with ubiquitous accessibility to dozens of internet music databases, it's something I don't expect will ever go out of style. SO, in the spirit of one of my favorite holidays and the inherent nature of playlists, I've compiled my top picks for heart wrenching deep cuts to share with your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner and ex. Enjoy!





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